CHARAS is a type of cannabis extract similar to hashish. It comes from the Parvati valley in India. It is handmade from live cannabis cuttings and requires a lot of patience, effort, and weed. Parvati is the Hindu goddess of fertility, love and devotion; as well as of divine strength and power. This Charas opens body consciousness. Mythologically, Charas is intimately connected with Lord Shiva, who smokes it. Many Indian sadhu’s and yogi’s use Charas as a bridge to commune with spirit. We follow the ancient tradition by smoking Charas together. As a smoking device we use a high tech water pipe. ❖ JOURNEY We start the ceremony by connecting with each other through Tarot and Prayer. Then we smoke the Charas and go into the flow with Kundalini Yoga, chanting and dancing, all intertwined with Tribal aspects.


The intention with those sessions is, to take a deeper distance from the collective mind structures and to experience your own nature more deeply. Furthermore, it can give you an experience of relaxation, flow and autonomy that goes deeper than what you are used to. I see those sessions as spiritual superfood to strengthen and empower your connection with the god within.


Approx. 16 years ago, my inner perception shifted to the energy body. Because of the suddenness and the impact of the shift, my attention focused on learning the language of electricity. The teachings I gathered in the electrical world led me realize that attaining and sustaining harmony is governed by certain themes. One of themes is bonding with allies. It turned out that my allies are plant spirits. I experience myself as a part of their light chain. We share a collective body and evolutionary purpose. With the Charas Ceremonies I can bring all my yogic wisdom, devotion to the plants and love for music and dance in a collective artistic way together. LOVE IT!