To build a new mental structure in rhythm with Mother Earth for an awakened body that carries GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS

A year trajectory consisting of 13 sessions, each 90 min. You experience how to grow a vision from seed to crop in harmony with nature; You receive information how to tune into the Planetary mind with your subconscious mind and how to navigate this space.

Calendars always give structure to time and a rhythm to our consciousness.By using a calendar we connect with a specific aspect of time. The aspect can be found in the original intention of the calendar.

With this calendar you feed the creative aspect of time in yourself.

The 13 Moon Calendar is a beautiful tool to cultivate new mental thought directions. It’s like creating new infrastructure that leads your organic energy and subconscious mind in a natural way towards your unique and creative purpose. The subconscious mind engages with synchronicity and harvests trust which relaxes the body. The nourishing communication with your subconscious mind provides expansion and self-worth.

In the 13 sessions, I offer an experience how you can reorganize that creative, subconscious part of your mind. You experience how you can receive, carry, give birth, cherish, share and let go of a vision. We start the sessions by tuning into your personal needs and vision you chose to manifest. We connect both with the current features of the moon fase to feed the vision with the resonating intention and action. We connect to the natural creative stream of Mother Earth and beyond with Shamanic Kundalini Yoga,

We go into the rhythm, movement, breath and sound to create an experience that brings nourishment and embodiment to the vision and support the natural process of unfoldment. Kundalini Yoga, Sound Yoga, Dance and a touch of Transformational Breathing are the most important techniques.

  • The duration of the session is about 1 1/2 hours.
  • The costs are € 90,- (ex. Btw) per session.


The year is divided into 13 different phases of 28 days and ends with THE DAY OUT OF TIME in which the pure creative flow is celebrated. For me, this day is an invitation to celebrate the Divine Mother in us. You could compare the energy of this day with “0”. 0 is a number but different and by that able to be a bridge from nothing to something.
All thirteen 28-day phases have their own intention, action power and essence. By allowing them to live more in our consciousness, we give new structure to the time space within us.
Through this calendar we also become (more) acquainted with the already present inner compass in our subconscious mind. By using and trusting this compass, we can cultivate our creative talents in the new time space.