ABOUT THE ART: This is a selection of free work from the past 4 years. The SEED IMAGES are made on paper, mostly thick Papyrus, with egg tempera and oil crayons. The work is purchasable as unicum. The prices range from € 750,- to 1250,- (excl. framing), depending on the format.

With the Seed Images, I create new worlds by making COLLAGES. Those are purchasable as prints. The price depends on chosen format and material. The range is more or less between € 50 up to € 200 (excl. framing).




ABOUT PEYOTE: This work is a reflection of my ceremonial encounter with the great spirit of the peyote cactus. He was entering my mind in form of embodied Christ-consciousness. He was standing on a chariot emerging out of the heavens, vibrating glory, wisdom and love.


ABOUT ERIS: In 2005, our solar system officially became a dwarf planet richer. The planet got the insanely interesting name Eris. Her name refers to the Greek goddess of struggle and dispute. The most famous story about this goddess has to do with a golden apple as symbol and a particularly profound response towards rejection which unleashed a whole battle-avalanche, we know as the Trojan War. In astrology we consider finding a new planet in our solar system as the birth of a new consciousness in the collective. I investigated in this work my version of the Goddess of struggle and dispute within. In the process of creation, I experienced this archetype as a seductive, fearless force that dares to approach battle or dispute in a sensual, unorthodox manner. With courage and persevering passion, she dares to turn my focus to the seed of inner struggle, seducing me to go deeper and deeper. Promising me to become the golden apple in human form.


ABOUT RESURRECTION: This work mirrors my recent Pluto encounter. In our personal horoscope Pluto can show us when and where we have to dig our own grave, step into it, smell and taste fear and despair, before the the coffin magically reopens. Purification from powerlessness and a new connection with truth and trust is the treasure we gain. The treasure box I opened was an unconditional trust in- and focus on WE within me.