In 4 lessons of 3 hours you create an image with symbols that nourish, strengthen and elevate the subconscious mind. You can make the image for yourself or for someone else.

Time: Saturday afternoon from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Dates: 21 September, 5 + 19 October and 2 November.
Place: Atelier Greetings from Marc, Vespuccistraat 35H, http://groetenvanmarc.nl/
Price: € 160 excl. Material
Until August 15: Early Bird discount: € 140 excl. Material.

A maximum of 10 people take part in the course.
In a prior interview, I will examine with you which materials are interesting or the most convenient for you to use.

In this course we work from our subconscious mind. From here we tune into the world soul that connects all beings. The world soul communicates with us through symbols and lives in our consciousness through images, dreams and intuition. By working from this connection you become, as it were, a mouthpiece for Mother Arde. You anchor trust, find allies, create nourishing connections and more for yourself and others.
During the sessions you receive inspiration, tools and insight how you can tune into this collective field. You will also experience how you can search for symbols.
We talk about the symbolism of colors, animals, plants or objects.
There is room for personal attention to look at the image with you and to reflect on the process. So that the quality that you want to anchor and communicate can be optimally reflected in the image.
Above all, you have time to dive, explore and play in your own magical world.

This course is perhaps best suited for people who already have extensive experience in making images and art. This gives you the technical stability and freedom to dive into a new communication more easily. But the openness to explore new avenues of creative flow and collaboration is of greater importance. If this is the case with you, you are also very welcome. If you master little or no visual techniques, you could choose to make a collage.