Dreams change, some go, some stay others come.
Through our dreams our being communicates with us, Mother Earth communicates with us.
Dreams provide direction, connection, hope, guidance, insight and much more.
The rest of 2019 feels like a good time to look into this treasure box. Clean out what’s no longer needed and give energy and space to sparkling new dreams.

A 3 hour session to gain insight in a meditative and creative way and to shape the dreams that now want to come out. 😋

You can book a session for yourself or together with somebody else.
Place: Keizersstraat 26. 1011GD Amsterdam Price: € 110,- incl. material if you come alone and € 75,- incl. material for two people.

We work from our subconscious mind. We connect with images and visions that come up from there to be felt and nourished.We start with prayer, meditation and intention. After this you dive into your dream world and connect with the deeper layers of your being. The images, symbols or visions are the starting point of the creative making process. In the creative phase, things can become clear or touched upon, which can be important for living your dream. By sharing your process and image you add another layer of reality to this.

NO 🙂