Let’s set a step together in embodying the Devine Mother.


In this session I show you how you can awaken your Kundalini and let it flow with Kundalini Yoga, Breathing and Rhythm. With a succession of techniques we create the right vibe and rhythm to dive deep into it. My intention is to offer you focus, technology and space so that you can optimally tune in to the flow of The Divine Mother Within.
Last year my focus was on learning how to upgrade the flow of my kundalini. This has given a lot of insight and experience. So time to share 🙂 My hope is to inspire you to do (some of) the techniques daily to create a strong bond with this undivided, infinite stream.

PLACE: Naar Zee, Bert Haanstrakade 102, 1087 DN Amsterdam TIME: 10:00- 12:30 COSTS: You can chose something between € 20,- and 30,-. Whatever feels right for you in this space-time and context.


16 years ago, my inner perception shifted to the energy body by a sudden Kundalini Awakening. Because of the suddenness and impact of the shift, I gave my focus to learning the language of Kundalini. In my yoga sessions I share the teachings I gathered in the electrical world by translating them into a rhythmic flow of action, stillness, breath and focus in sync with the cyclic unfolding of nature.