The Soul Portrait is meant to be a personal divination tool and modern icon of individual holiness in one.

The actual making of the portrait is intuitive. I receive the symbols of the picture by connecting myself with your higher self. In the past 2 decades I mastered my gift of ‘conceiving visions’ with yoga and meditation. Creating an authentic visual language that is in tune with our collective image bank was another endeavor that took about 2 decades.

After finishing the picture I start writing. I share the experience of the visual creative process. I intertwine the feeling orientated experiences with the explanation of the symbols and astrological information. The astrological information is gathered out of evolutionary astrology and an astrological mandala which gives great pointers towards the essence of the energies your soul chose for expression.

OPTIONS: Next to giving me all creative freedom you can also ask me to connect and interact with a certain ancestral line or ‘image bank’. I can link the portrait for example mainly to the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom or the ‘image bank’ connecting us to our star-origin. Or I can make a combination. You can also ask me to weave certain symbols into the portrait or make a symbol you give to me to the main character. I like to co-create and believe that apparent wishes or needs have a deep value and can help to provide the nurturance and communication needed for the time ahead.

FORMATS: 46 x 65 cm (brown papyrus), 55 x 75 cm (640gr or 300 white paper), 65 × 93 cm (brown papyrus) and 79 x 106 cm (320gr white paper), 80 x 120 cm (320gr white paper). Bigger formats are possible when you chose a portrait on canvas with a different price.

MATERIAL: Thick brown papyrus or white paper, egg tempera and oil crayons.

PRICES variating between € 750,- and € 1250,- (excl. shipping, packaging and framing). The price is calculated by the size of the portrait. Special wishes regarding material or size can also ad to the price. Paying in up to 3 parts is possible.

ACCOMPANYING TEXT varies between 7 – 10 pages.

LIVE OR ONLINE MEETING: If you like we connect and talk about it. We can investigate together what the symbols are telling you. It can give extra insides and varies between 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

LANGUAGE: Choice out of Dutch, English or German. If you like a portrait without the tekst I give € 100,- reduction on the price.

REQUIRED INFORMATION: Your date and place of birth + time of birth if available.

TIMESPAN OF CREATION: The process needs more or less one month in total. Shipping time comes on top of this.