WEEKLY LESSON @ NATURAL HIGH YOGA https://naturalhighyoga.com/

THURSDAY MORNING 9:00 – 10:30, Studio100, De Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam, connected to OneFit


In my lessons, just like a track finder, I am focused on the indications and clues, nature gives me to connect the group with the ‘undercurrent’ present at the moment. I use, among other things, the position of the sun, moon and other celestial bodies to receive information. With this in mind I follow the images and instructions I receive inside of me during the lesson to connect the group with this natural flow of life. The yoga form we mainly practice is Kundalini Yoga. This form uses postures, rhythmic movements, breath, meditation and singing. The different facets come together in a flowing whole to translate the theme of the day into a physical, emotional and mental experience. I point out the deeper symbolic value of postures and movements to nurture and enlighten our subconscious. My personal way and desire for the participants is to elevate the yoga experience from ‘hard work’ to ‘soulful adventurous play’. Music is an important part of it. We use Breath, rhythm and our collective commitment to lose ourselves in the moment and movement in order to let our juices flow from deeper source and give birth to new body consciousness.